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Two Devils: Infused Chocolate "Poppables"

Updated: 6 days ago

Two Devils Sweets and Treats has brought us another thoughtfully designed and delicately delicious chocolate confection. These new Poppables are a true testament to the prowess of the Two Devils team as both chocolatiers and cannabis formulators for the pure and simple fact that they harmoniously blended their top shelf cocoa with their full spectrum, whole plant extract in not one, but three delicious flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.


They frankly taste good enough to be featured in any candy store across the country, and many here at Toker's Guide (as previously mentioned) are not only cannabis connoisseurs, but chocoholics as well. The cannabis flavor is present, but again, the blending has made it a highly favorable complement to the chocolate, and there's zero burn like you might find with distillate-based products.

As edibles continue to come to the team for review we're often asking for lower mg servings, and these are just the perfect little bitesize morsels. With only 5mg of THC in each bite, the term "poppable" is truly applicable - especially for those that have a higher tolerance than others. Even still, take it slow because, as in my case, it can become challenging to remember how many you've had!

They come in durable wide-mouth jars with great packaging and I've been keeping some desk-side since I found them. Turns out they really help me augment my typical medicating practice by helping me get in front of the digestive pain I often experience. I also very, very much appreciate that the ingredients are super simple and natural. If I had one request, though, it would be for vegan and gluten free options which I would be appealing to me and an advantageous differentiator for Two Devils as well.

So if you're into gourmet chocolate, natural ingredients, and infused edibles, but haven't found a manageable delivery/serving size, check out these delectable little squares. You can find them right now on the Two Devils site (for delivery and pick-up options) and at DC storefronts, Spaced Out DC and Elevated Lounge. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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