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Vanilla & Hazelnut Infused Coffee Syrups - Farm To Couch (DC I-71)

Top of the morning to all ye tokers out there! I'd like to share with you how I'm putting some pep in my step AND some zig in my zag this fine, but frigid Friday morning. I typically prefer my coffee black, but with a little touch of either the vanilla or hazelnut infused coffee syrups from DC i-71 service Farm To Couch the flavor and warm, fuzzy effects become just too enticing.


They say these things sell like hot cakes, which is a little strange because they sure look like coffee syrups to me 😂. Joking aside it is not hard at all to see why they would have trouble keeping these on their shelves.

With 300mg total per bottle and at 98% THC, just a little dab will do. More precisely they offer that each teaspoon is 10MG, so depending on your tolerance level, you can be pretty calculated with your servings or each cuppa Joe. I'd also like to point out how beautifully done these little bottles are. With the Farm To Couch logo laser etched onto the glass you can tell that they've put a lot of time into getting this to the current level of sophistication, and I'd say they've put even more attention into the delicious contents as well.


Another advantage of these bottles is how smoothly you can deploy them in almost any setting. I work from coffee shops and shared office space on occasion and I can just set this on any table or desk without a second glance from anyone. The only challenge is when someone inquires and wants to try it, and this has only led to great conversations so far.


So hit up Farm To Couch DC today to grab some of these fabulous infused coffee syrups for yourself. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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