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Zoap Cream Pie 2.0 - Peace in the Air

Strain: Zoap Cream Pie

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: 50/50 Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

We recently reviewed the previous batch of Zoap Cream Pie from DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, Peace In the Air, but thought this batch was superior and wanted you all to know about it. It's hot and ready to indulge in with a smell that wafts from the buds like cartoon steam from a warm pie. Note that it's also balanced in effects making it the perfect versatile hybrid for your weekend. 🥧



Fluffy green buds with vibrant strips of bright green and burnt orange pistils.


Fresh, but starting to cure.


Sweet and skunky, like a strawberry tart or spring flower soap.



Smooth and floral with notes of tart fruit and skunk.


The Zoap Cream Pie strain is a cross of Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Guava that runs balanced at 50/50.


Right out of the gate a wonderful head buzz fills you with positivity and carefree feelings that elevate your spirits. A well-balanced hybrid, this cream pie wont have you snoozing on the couch after a feast, but rather floating around looking for something entertaining as the Zoap takes the driver's seat for you. A uniquely cheerful and smooth high, this is truly a one size-fits-all, user-friendly, chef’s special for any type of toker.



Don’t walk, run and get some of this latest batch of Zoap Cream Pie. Unlike something from the dessert aisle at the grocery store this is a special treat for any moment, not just after dinner. What really blew me away was how silky smooth the smoke was along with the happy-go-lucky high. It was pure fun and kept my energy up. To experience it for yourself just head to Peace In The Air in DC today and let them know that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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