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Afternoon Delight #4, Rythm - Rise Bethesda

A former coworker from my dispensary days used to love to poke fun at Afternoon Delight and thought the name was unseemly. Paging Dr. Freud... Dr. Sigmund Freud... Anyway, after a quick scan of online menus, Rise Bethesda listed Afternoon Delight #4 at a whopping 34%+ THC with some bountiful family effect to boot. Yes please!


The friendly budtenders at Rise Bethesda couldn't stop singing this flower's praises all over the shop. They made it clear this skyrocket is indeed in flight and absolutely holds you tight. Forget flight. Try ORBIT on your way to the International Space Station, and with ease and comfort as well - or so I was told.


The super tight nugs are sold in a sleek black glass jar with plastic top designed to open with direct pressure from top and bottom to aid those with mobility issues. In an unusual move, the label included information about Afternoon Delight #4's lineage, a highly potent indica-heavy hybrid blended from GMO and Trophy Wife. Despite the lack of an obvious freshness seal, nose-watering vapors reminiscent of gassy fruit loops leapt about the room with bold abundance. Did someone airbrush these things? Nope, they're just that sexy.

These buds nestle comfortably between the teeth of my grinder. Little resistance is given as the lid twists. The flower mounds readily for packing and offers optimal airflow during inhalation. Each hit is fine like the felt on a snooker table with a tangy French cheese finish. Immediately, an uplifting groove settles in. With a few more tubes I find myself getting down to Bad. I haven't listened to Michael Jackson since Thriller was all over Casey Kasem's Top 40. Those beats are sick. What a rabbit hole...

All kidding aside, Afternoon Delight #4 has a sinfully potent and masterfully balanced buzz. This isn’t merely a Ron Burgundy moment, but this superfreak’s got some Rick James funk going on, too.


Afternoon Delight #4 would make a wonderful addition to any routine! To get yours hit up Rise Bethesda today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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