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*****Alien Cookies - Baked DC*****

Calling all tokers! This batch of Alien Cookies from Baked DC is out of this world and connoisseur level for sure. It's an evenly balanced hybrid (50/50) strain and a cross of famed Girl Scout Cookies and Alien Dawg. While you all may be familiar with a lot of GSC crossbreeds, the Alien Dawg influence in this one is what makes a bit of a UFO. That's because Alien Dawg originated from an unknown strain brought back by a US soldier from Afghanistan and crossed with Nor Cal Chemdawg.

In terms of effects, it hits the 50/50 on the nose with cheery, giddiness, and relaxation...all without too much couch lock. It's great for getting through almost any part of your day in a mellow way.

The colors and texture of this bud are probably the most striking things about it. There's so much coloration, from purple to pink, lime to evergreen. Then there's the fuzzy white snow-

covered accents created by the immense amount of trichomes. When you break it up, it's so soft and crumbly, releasing incredible floral and exotic, other worldly aromas.

The taste is just as it smells at first, very tangy, sweet, and fruity, but transforms upon exhale to more of a vanilla, cookie batter flavor. Def. try this one in the vape and the joint - delightfully tasty either way!

You don't need to get beamed up to the mothership to try this strain out for yourself. Just hit up Baked DC and schedule an appointment quick before this one is...lost in space?


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