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*****Blackberry Wreck - Baked DC*****

Happy Friday! This new Blackberry Wreck (aka Berry Wreck) from Baked DC is a fantastic hazy crossbreed and we are big big fans. It's their second 5 Star review this week people!

The smell is that of ripe blackberry and asian plum, but with a hazy twist. The haze influence comes from the Trainwreck - a cross of two potent sativa hazes - and readers should note that this does have a good amount of sativa-like effects that come with it. They say it should be balanced 50/50, but it's a little hard to believe.

If you want to zone out and go for a really long bike ride or run, it would probably be a benefit. Energy is going to be flowing strong along with creativity and cerebral vibrance. The Blackberry Kush side of the strain, however, brings a nice little euphoric body buzz to boot.

Anyhow, this batch is just incredible. The buds are beefy with super frosty and starry trichomes everywhere. There are deep purple tips throughout nearly turquoise calyxes - simply beautiful. This was expertly grown and cured for sure. It's so, so sticky and leaves its delightful aroma all over your fingers and everywhere you go.

If you like sativa's, hazes, or simply amazing and exotic daytime bud, you'll love this lady for sure. Head over to Baked DC immediately to check her out before she's gone!


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