*****Tropical Sleigh Ride - Baked DC*****

Welcome to our first FIVE STAR review in a few weeks. This batch of Tropical Sleigh Ride from Baked DC is so aromatic with such a magnificently, exotic tropical flavor. It's literally like vaping a boat drink - pina colada, daiquiri, tequila sunrise, something of this nature. The flavor varies slightly from hit to hit, but is always SO delicious!

Winner of 2 awards at the Emerald Cup in 2017, this strain has some of the highest terpene content in the world! One of the awards was for uniqueness of terpene profile, testing with an intensely high amount of Ocimene. Need we say more about its flavor?

In terms of effects, this one is going to blow you away. It's high potency and sativa heavy, so get ready for a rush of energy and creativity. The euphoric aspect is also astounding. You

might even call this a good social varietal, though probably not for the newbie.

Heritage: Greenshock Farms’ “Purple Candy Cane” crossed with Mean Gene's phenomenal "Pineapple". This is truly a rare, craft strain of the highest order. Her trichomes are layered on thick, coating every space available. There are purple and blue hues all over, with both dark and lime green. The calyxes are fully mature, the buds are fluffy and crisp, and the cure is utter perfection. SUCH good smoke to roll too, though you might need some rubbing alcohol to get the sticky icky off your fingers (don't forget the grinder!).

We STRONGLY recommend hitting up Baked DC to check this out for yourself ASAP!!!


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