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Animal Face Dogwalkers - Cannabist, Norfolk (VA Medical)

Updated: Apr 11

Strain: Animal Face

Market: VA Medical

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Over the years I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with dispensary pre-rolls. I’m the kind of girl who buys pre-rolls for convenience; however, in my experience, they’re tightly packed most of the time which causes the burn to run - on no! Well, gone are the days of searching for a well-produced, high quality doobie. Once I took a peek at these Animal Face pre-rolls purchased at my local VA medical dispensary Cannabist, I knew I was in for a great time! Each doobie is 0.35g of premium Animal Face goodness, which makes it the perfect size to take your pup out for that potty break while also leaving you the right amount of stoned. I was so intrigued, I just had to let y’all know about them ASAP!



When it comes to pre-rolls, I genuinely believe you can judge a book by its cover. The overall aesthetic of the packaging screams glamorous! After opening the convenient on-the-go metal tin, there’s an adorable introduction to the founder of Dogwalkers' (Ben Kovler) dog, Bailey, printed on the lid. Each “mini-dog” pre-roll is nestled into its own individual spot inside the container for optimal storage and convenience. There's also a Dogwalker sticker inside every box! 😄


Fresh, but beginning to cure.


These Animal Face pre-rolls smell absolutely divine with notes of sweet and minty herbs mixed with gas.



Animal Face is a profound strain that delivers nothing but the best flavors to your palette. With a distinctive citrusy, sugary flavor comes hints of mint and pine that leave your tastebuds begging for more.


The Animal Face strain is a 60/40 indica dominant cross between Face Off and Animal Mints.


Though Animal Face is considered an indica dominant hybrid, this is one that is going to have you feeling absolutely invigorated after just one doobie and you may ask yourself if it’s really an indica given the energetic (and talkative) onset. Overall, this bud left me feeling super creative and happy before putting me into a state of full body relaxation. I found it great for afternoon into evening use as I would have that boost of energy and then be able to wind down before bed.



I love all of the thought put into these pre-rolls! Each doobie burned consistently, tasted amazing, and left me feeling absolutely blissful. Plus, I got a new sticker for my water bottle! So, if you’re like me and you tend to refrain from buying pre-rolls because of their lack of quality, but you want the convenience, swing on by Cannabist in Norfolk to pick yourself up a box of these superb Animal Face Dogwalkers. Don’t forget to mention you heard about them here on Toker’s Guide!


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