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Area 51 - The Gift Givers

Just like the eponymous classified area of intrigue in the Southwest US, so too is this Area 51 strain from DC i-71 delivery service, The Gift Givers, unidentified and shrouded in mystery. Its origin is said to have been a cross of Cannatonic and Alien Abduction bred in 2010. However, there are other breeders who have their own version which combines Smurfberry with Snowdawg x Romulan. In any event, this batch runs sativa-dominant, has been finely cultivated, and seems so alien looking you might swear it came from outer space.


Given a highly exotic aroma that's super sweet, citrusy, and overtly floral in nature, one could assume they were standing in the middle of a florist shop if blindfolded and put in a room with this Area 51. When the blindfold comes off don't be alarmed by its intimidating other worldly appearance, though. She's a more haze-like sativa with some mental clarity, energetic euphoria, and a headband effect you can almost touch.


With fresh terpenes obviously still intact and creating such intense flavor, we prefer to toke this starry trichome laden flower in the bong. Of course, this will also maximize your headband level.


But, what is this headband feeling? Is it really an invisible headband? Or, is it some alien device ready to take you on a mental voyage to a tranquil, active mindset? You'll have to find out for yourself. As they say in a certain alien and paranormal investigative show from the 90's, "The Truth is Out There!"


So hit up super friendly DC i-71 service The Gift Givers today and experience this Area 51 and its alien abduction-like effects for yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll have a close encounter of the 420 kind! 😂🤦‍♂️

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