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Balla Berries ZAZA - Exotic Organics

We're super pumped to review long time DC i-71 service Exotic Organics, known for some of the best exotic flower around the District. First up, this phenomenal "Balla Berries ZAZA".


With that funky/fruity and gassy/skunky combo this is truly worthy of having "ZAZA" in the name. We're not entirely sure if this is a cross between the Balla Berries and ZAZA strains or the breeders of Balla Berries version of ZAZA. Balla Berries the strain is quite mysterious in origin and ZAZA is said to be the offspring of Blue Dream and Rare Dankness.


Wherever it comes from and whatever you call it, this batch is a case of premium designer bud where the creators and cultivators may not really want to fully disclose lineage. I think the terms "rare", "dankness", "zaza", "balla", and "dream" all apply to be honest, though. We've been calling it "Berry Zaza" for short.


It's fresh and still on the sticky side with white trichomes intact and a robustly dense structure. The deep purples against the neon lime greens provide an ominous backdrop for the fiery orange hairs and the smattering of resin glands throughout. From looks alone you should know that this is a serious, high potency specimen.


There's some debate among Toker's Guide staff about how this leans. Many say that it has some of the head-rushing intensity and onset of a more sativa-leaning varietal. Others notice the latent, but heavy-handed, body buzz and other relaxing effects implying they feel it may be more on the indica spectrum. For me, it's clearly very strong, but balanced, with the best of both worlds coming together.


This batch speaks to me through the bong, but it can easily bring a mega-punch to any thing you might be rolling up as well. Either way, I want you to note the complexity of the flavor on the exhale and the aftertaste. Pro tip: Bring a glass of ice water to your sesh and sip it immediately after taking a hit and before you exhale. Then tell me what flavors you experience. 🤗


To get some of this epic Balla Berries ZAZA for your own collection of designer gifts just hit up Exotic Organics ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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