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Bando - Buddha Buddy DC

Updated: Jan 26

Strain: Bando

Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

This batch of Bando from DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, Buddha Buddy, is highly exotic in aroma and flavor. It's also got a nice, uplifting sativa vibe to it that, when paired with the mouth appeal makes for excellent daytime stoney adventures.



Dense, tightly-packed buds showcase a vibrant forest of green and purple hues, accented by fiery orange pistils and a generous coating of frosty trichomes.


Curing, but properly stored.


Prepare for a sensory adventure. Bando's aroma is a complex symphony of fruit and funk. A wave of sweet tropical notes, reminiscent of pineapple and mango, greets you first. Underlying this fruity sweetness lies a subtle musky earthiness, reminiscent of damp forest floor. Hints of pepper and spice add a touch of intrigue, creating a truly unique and captivating aromatic profile.



The flavor journey lives up to the aroma's promise. The initial inhale delivers a burst of juicy tropical fruit, with pineapple and mango dancing on the palate. This sweetness then gives way to a subtle earthy pine, grounding the experience and adding complexity. On the exhale, a peppery spice emerges, leaving a pleasant tingling sensation on the tongue. Bando's flavor profile is a dynamic balance of sweet, earthy, and spicy, sure to tantalize your taste buds.


The Bando strain is a cross of Apple Fritter and Lemon Cherry Gelato that runs sativa dominant.


Bando's effects are both euphoric and up-lifting. The initial cerebral buzz sparks creativity and focus, making it a great choice for daytime activities or social gatherings. This uplifting energy is balanced by a gentle body buzz, offering relaxation without sedation. Bando's effects are potent but manageable, perfect for experienced users seeking a joyful and productive high.



Bando is a captivating and highly potent strain. Its stunning appearance, complex aroma, and flavorful smoke draw you in, while its balanced effects of uplifting energy and gentle relaxation leave you wanting more. If you're seeking a sativa-dominant bud with a tropical twist and potent effects, consider getting some Bando delivered by Budda Buddy DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker’s Guide sent you!

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