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Bankroll Silky - Exotic Organics

This Bankroll Silky, currently available from DC recreational (i-71) delivery crew Exotic Organics is some super sexy bud that you're gonna want to have in your stack for this weekend. It's so good in fact that they've decided the pack art is worthy of their own "Silky" rendition of a C-Note. 💰


It rolls so nice with a soft texture and gritty kief that will end up covering everything within a few inches of where you broke it up. I'm sure you've heard people joke that something with too much of something on it is actually made of the second thing. For example, if you completely cover your hot fudge sundae with hot fudge someone might say, "Hey do you want a little ice cream with that hot fudge?" In this case, I think you could joke about these buds in a similar manner, like, "Hey do you want a little bud with those trichomes?" 😂🤦‍♂️


It's aroma is mega loud with an exotic and delicious stankyness that blankets your home and wants to let its presence known to everyone around you. It's hard to place what it is besides sweet, creamy, gassy, and skunky. My friend said he could see how it kind of had the scent of money, but that's a stretch. It most definitely had strong gelato hues to it, but there was something even more smooth and, shall we say, silky about it too. Too bad its genetics are a mystery, aside from being a Mount Burnin Farms bred Gelato crossbreed that is.


In effects, you could certainly call it "money" with an astoundingly potent head rush and full body feels for long durations. The aforementioned glorious, brilliant trichomes are accountable for this potency given their staggering numbers and there are intensely high terp levels obviously at work here too. Overall, I found it to be a relatively balanced hybrid with, perhaps, more indica tendencies.


If you want to get your hands on some of this "newly minted" designer exotic cannabis (truly some of the best available on the market today) just hit up Exotic Organics on the double before this one is...spent. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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