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Big Apple - Elevated Lounge

Start spreading the news: Elevated Lounge, a recreational shop near Georgetown, has brought the Big Apple to DC. Big Apple is a sativa dominant hybrid, bred from NYC Diesel and Peanut Butter Breath, that will leave your little town blues melting away.


Although the strain is called “Big Apple,” that name is likely derived from its NYC Diesel heritage more so than its scent or flavor. I was expecting something fruity, but instead found a tantalizingly spicy aroma, likes cloves, with some rich pine notes. After grinding, I noticed a bit of gassiness as well, promising a strong high.

This bud looks as tasty as it smells. Light greens the color of a granny smith apple and a smattering of fiery orange hairs give these nugs the appearance of an October forest nearing peak foliage, with a dusting of white trichomes evoking the season’s first frost. The occasional stray fleck of purple adds a layer of depth to the tapestry.


I loved the flavor of my Big Apple joint - more of that same clove-like spice, with a hint of pepperiness. The taste almost reminded me of a dry mulled cider, with just a faint dash of sweetness.

As I sat with my joint on a park bench in the early autumn sunshine thinking about apples and cloves, my mouth began to water as my mind turned to lunch. I decided to satiate the munchies with a New York classic, my favorite sandwich: a pastrami reuben on rye with a cream soda.

Heading to the deli, I noticed that Big Apple’s high definitely leans sativa. My body felt light and energized, with a new spring in my step. A euphoric, silly, giddiness took over my thoughts as I happily made my way towards lunch. I felt like Shaggy or Scooby and I practically floated through the air drawn to the scent of my overstuffed deli delight.


I could talk about sandwiches for as long as I could talk about weed, but this is Toker’s Guide, not Muncher’s Guide. For your own sample of Big Apple, hit up Elevated Lounge in Glover Park at 2428 Wisconsin Ave NW. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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