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Biscotti Berry - Flight Pass DC

Full disclosure, this one might have already sold out, but we still wanted to bring it to you as a demonstration of some of the excellent gifts DC i-71 storefront, Flight Pass DC, has had on hand recently. A reverse cross of two indica heavy weights, Biscotti and Berry White, for those looking for a night time treat-you-right this is a sure contender and one that will knock you right out.


Heavily, heavily, trich'd out and with deep and rich aquamarines and blue hues, you know this came from some seriously exotic genetics. Though it's a bit more oxidized than we would prefer, it has been stored and transported well and the cure makes for a great toke when rolled up.


In flavor and aroma this one has that earthy, skunky, yet somehow fruity stance. In the bong, most of what you'll get is the rich earthiness with a tinge of gas, but in the joint the fruitiness comes out and leads to a much better flavor experience overall. Extremely potent and able to send even seasoned tokers to bed, the noobs will want to consider keeping the consumption level low and taking it slow with this batch.


To get some Biscotti Berry of your own and to check out all the awesome gifts in their lineup, just head over to DC i-71 storefront, Flight Pass DC, ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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