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Black Runtz Pre Rolls - The Pre Roll Guys

Stressed out from a crazy week? I can empathize. To help shed the stress with the quickness you can catch a great buzz from some top-shelf Black Runtz, but without having to do much work at all, just by hitting up DC recreational delivery team, The Pre Roll Guys. They've already done the heavy lifting for you by expertly crafting these fine pre rolls, and they'll conveniently deliver them to you so you barely have to move a muscle. 😅


A slightly indica dominant version of the typically balanced Runtz strain, Black Runtz is known for its complex and exotic flavor profile. With a rich, skunky, funky, fruity flavor from actual bud (not leafy shake) lovingly rolled into each Element paper, we suggest saving these pre rolls for the mid-to-late afternoon. That way they'll help instill a super chill vibe and some mega euphoric tingles for the next couple hours and you can slide on into the evening fully relaxed already. With two pre rolls in a pack, it's perfect for a shared experience with a friend or significant other as well.


Note that they burn long, smooth, and with a white ash - which is indicative of the quality of the contents. Pro tip: if you can't finish your "j" just bring a pair of scissors along with you (or even a cigar cutter if you want to get real fancy) and you can snip the lit pre roll right below the cherry, making for a flat and unburned area to re-light when you're ready. In this manner you won't loosen up the joint by flicking off the cherry, and you won't be struck with a harsh charred flavor caused by snuffing it out either.


So give The Pre Roll Guys a shout today and order up some of these delectable and highly potent professional grade Black Runtz pre rolls for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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