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Bubblegum Runtz - The Garden

Bubblegum is a legendary strain from the late 20th century (doesn't that sound super old) that has been blowing minds with its tremendously sweet and sugary flavor - which is much like the actual bubble gum candy - since then. Runtz, conversely, is a relatively recent invention, but one that has taken to near legendary status in certain circles due to its highly complex and exotic flavor. Were these two strains meant for each other, but separated by decades? It's almost like a Bubblegum grandpa met a lovely Runtz lady and bada-boom, this Bubblegum Runtz from DC recreational storefront The Garden was born.


However, it's more likely that a crafty and creative cultivator decided that he wanted to cross one of his most flavorful, long-refined Bubblegum specimens with Runtz to see if a new flavor powerhouse resulted. Or, maybe they were just bored and curious? Whatever the case and condition this specimen is quite spectacular and, I have to say, one of the best flavored Runtz crosses I've experienced recently. Typically there's an amalgamation of so many tangy fruity flavors in a skunky wrapper that Runtz kind of confuses my palate. I know I like it, but I can't really pinpoint why from a flavor perspective. In the case of this version, however, there are notes that let you know this is a sugary, bubblegum overlay upon the standard Runtz format for sure. Hello complex exotic palate!


They're beginning to ask whether I will say I prefer anything in the bong ever again, to which I say let the summer weather turn to fall and watch how much more I like my bong. In the meantime, roll this up, step outside, and enjoy some warm late summer nighttime air. That's right, best to enjoy this connoisseur's wet dream at night not just because it can make the stars just a little extra starry when you gaze up at them, but also because some seriously comfy couch-lock can occur rapidly. I'll also say that this is probably not one for the newbies. It's not going to be a bad experience, it'll just most likely be one that's highly sedative and mostly asleep.


So head to DC storefront The Garden ASAP and grab some of these mesmerizing and delectable Bubblegum Runtz for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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