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Cali Orange - Cannabear

I'm very impressed with this Cali Orange specimen I just received from DC recreational delivery service, Cannabear. With a nose that's skunky and creamy at first, this one's got mega citrus undertones and, in flavor, the orange notes shine through. A pure Cali treat grown right here in DC!


The lineage of this strain is shrouded in mystery and still unknown to the general public. However, its stance is roughly 50/50 and the effects are certainly balanced with a skew toward the energetic end of effects in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed it in the daytime, but it's not overly activity provoking. Instead, it brings more of a tranquil, bright-eyed euphoria with heightened awareness and zero drowsiness. It also happens to work wonders for my digestive pains.


Perhaps most notable about this batch, aside from the delicious citrus flavor, are the very plentiful and still fresh trichomes covering nearly every millimeter. These become gritty kief in your hands when breaking it up so be sure to grab your grinder and collect the volumes that would other wise fall through the cracks. Definitely take the time to roll a big "j" with this as the main contents too and you won't be disappointed - the flavor is exquisite and the toke is exceptionally smooth.


Even though you may not be able to jet away to Cali on a moment's notice, at least now you can head for the West Coast in your mind any time you like with this Cali Orange onboard. Just hit up Cannabear today to grab some for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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