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Carbon Fiber - Exotic Organics

A balanced hybrid strain that runs 50/50 this Carbon Fiber from DC i-71 delivery and cannabis aficionados, Exotic Organics, is a super fresh and super funky treat to have on hand for the weekend. As you can tell by its vibrant coloration and heavy layers of frosty trichomes this is some top of the line exotic genetics and exquisitely cultivated to near perfection. What you can't tell from the beautiful photos she takes is that she has an aroma and flavor that will make any cannabis connoisseur giddy with delight.


I suppose that's no surprise with a lineage that includes Cookies & Cream, Grape Pie, and Biscotti. No kidding - and I'd like to actually perform this test - if you were 500 yards from me on a beach or standing in a field, I bet you would smell this bud within 10 seconds (pending wind conditions) of opening a jar. What I'm trying to say is that this is some stanky stanky ganja. It's straight diesel fumes meets a surfeit of skunks (yes there's a specific name for a group of skunks) with a hint of pepper.


To roll this in a joint, you'll need to break it up and then leave it sitting in a safe place for a few hours. This is because of the incredibly sticky nature of this bud while fresh. It's even a frustration to a heavy duty grinder and you'll find yourself needing to turn longer and reconfigure along the way just to get it fine enough. So, why not save your fingers some trouble and just throw what you've broken up in the bong instead? It's a time saver, paper saver, and let's face it, blowing a huge cloud of this super dank after pulling a tube and holding it in is just totally satisfying.


If you're a cannabis enthusiast at any level, do yourself a favor and hit up Exotic Organics ASAP to grab some of this positively astounding Carbon Fiber batch for your own stash box. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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