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Cheetah Piss - The Gift Givers

When you think of Cheetah Piss, you probably don't immediately start salivating. In fact, I think most people would stand by the statement that cat urine smells awful. Yet, in the cannabis world we can often find examples of strains being named after something that seems juxtaposed with the term "good smelling", but in reality has quite the appealing aroma. Such is the case with this Cheetah Piss from DC recreational delivery service The Gift Givers. It's so piney, sour, and skunky that you almost think it smells bad for split second. Then the cannabis portion of your olfactory senses kicks in and starts celebrating.


An evenly balanced hybrid (50/50) cross of Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake, Cheetah Piss isn't going to give you energy to sprint like the fastest land animal, but it does have a very uplifting presence to its highly cerebral buzz. Of course, there's also a strong euphoric body high coupled with it, but this has certainly more of a relaxing than driving nature for me. Regardless, you can consider all my aches and pains eliminated in moments with just a few tokes from this batch of fire.


Soft, fresh, sticky, and completely covered in a righteous amount of trichomes the potency and caliber of grow are obvious at first glance. The coloration, replete with deep purples amidst all the fully ripe white resin glands, makes it as gorgeous to the connoisseur as it is intimidating to the novice. Nothing, however, serves as a stronger warning of its immensely intoxicating effects more that its super intense aroma, which is perhaps why it carries a name with it that has so much shock factor.


To experience the shockingly intense, but delicious flavor of this Cheetah Piss for yourself just hit up The Gift Givers ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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