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Cherry Pie - Euphoria DC

A cross of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison this batch of Cherry Pie from DC recreational storefront, Euphoria DC, leans indica dominant at about a 60/40 ratio. While it's great for nighttime use there are those who have been known to partake in its highly relaxing effects to help with anxiety during the daytime as well. Either way, day or night, the super fruity flavor profile will keep you wanting to toke more and more.


While the aroma is certainly fruit forward, it's a bit hard to place at first. If you leave your nose about an inch above the bag and inhale for a few seconds the cherry notes become quite clear. In the bong, the same general fruitiness occurs, but when rolled the nuances of the flavor seem to be more enhanced and there are tart, sweet, and sugary aspects as well.


With starry trichomes still intact and a coloration that is mostly a bright turquoise green with flecks of purple, these buds are quite pretty and appear to have been hand-trimmed. Give them a squeeze or break them down to raise the level of fruity aroma and have it overtake your immediate vicinity. When doing so, and then sparking up, you might notice that you feel just a bit more beachy or tropical - that's certainly the vibe this batch brings to me.

I haven't had a chance to have a Cherry Pie session and then sit poolside, but I have a feeling it'll make for a great experience. Maybe we should even start a new summertime category: Pool Weed - pot that's great for lounging at the pool. Would that need to be different than Beach Weed though? 🤔


To experience this deliciously fruity Cherry Pie for yourself just head on over to DC storefront Euphoria DC asap. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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