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Chocolate Grape Diesel - The Garden

Strain choices, and the decision on which varieties to smoke at various times of the day, more often than not have everything to do with what you plan to do with the buzz you’re about to receive. When my North Carolina family decided to venture north for a weekend getaway and pool party, I knew that my newly acquired sample of Chocolate Grape Diesel from DC recreational storefront, The Garden, would be the perfect flower to make our Saturday special.


An indica-dominant hybrid cross of Grape Diesel and Chocolate Kush with a funky, fruity, yet gassy nose, this batch lives up to its name with hints of dark chocolate as well. It's the gassy aroma that dominates, however, penetrating the nose and leaving you salivating at the very thought of the flavor profile that will be released once some flame enters the picture.


Not surprisingly the Diesel "fumes" became even more intense when grinding. I stuffed one of my cones to the brim, now noticing some flecks of purple in the mix, and gently twisted and crimped the end making the perfect pre-roll. Ten minutes and a solid buzz later we all had a newfound level of euphoria and giggly excitement to venture back to the water with. Note that this herb had no couch lock effect at all, even with the strong, mystic indica body buzz.


In flavor the chocolate was more evident and there was a hint of grape that could be tasted as I let my tongue touch the roof of my mouth several times. Tasty indeed! It also definitely packed the punch that I needed, quelling all of my soreness and flattening my anxiety. We continued to share a couple more joints throughout the day and the whole group agreed that the positively gleeful buzz of this great gassy strain was sure to satisfy during anyone's mid-day session.

Conveniently located on New Jersey Ave in NW Washington DC, The Garden is really doing their thing and we think that Chocolate Grape Diesel is a great example of quality flower that can be found in the area presently. Give The Garden a try and you won’t be disappointed. Let them know that Toker's Guide sent you and see for yourself what their top tier customer service is all about. Be blessed!

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