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Christmas Tree - Joint Delivery

Be advised! Joint Delivery - one of our favorite DC i-71 services - has some incredible Christmas Trees available currently, and not the kind you have to chop down or strap to your car. No, this is the kind that you wouldn't mind smelling the remnants of halfway into January. In fact, with one of the most deliciously potent, bag escaping, aromas in recent memory this batch is definitely one you're gonna want to have with you across the holiday season. Maybe you break it out just at special times, maybe you save it for New Years night so you can get extra toasty. Or, maybe you grab enough to keep you lifted all the way until next year. Now who would do a thing like that? 😉 🤤


I even get excited like a little kid for these packs. They're soft and silky to the touch and they've got that extra child proofing on the top - of course this doubles as (much needed) smell prevention.


Known to be a 70/30 indica-heavy hybrid, Christmas Tree is actually a phenotype of Pine OG, but no one seems to be able to confirm this origin with any evidence or assurances. Let's just say that if it was epic enough to get the label "Christmas Tree" from the Cookies entourage, you know it's gotta be pretty awesome.


...and I can IS awesome. The flavor is a deeper, more coffee oriented skunky, but also with a creamy after taste that's almost sweet. In the room afterwards it leaves a mega exotic piney scent that my friend described as "like a yoga festival in a pine forest".


You can toke this in the daytime if you like. It won't make you too terribly drowsy, but it's probably best enjoyed in the evening sometime right after work or right after dinner - hell why not both? It comes with an absolutely phenomenal body buzz that's much like a cozy Christmas sweater. But, be aware, you'll prob need something with a little more sativa to make it through any of those ugly sweater parties.


So grab your egg nog, some red and green pajamas, and gather 'round the ol' fire, but don't forget to include this Christmas Tree along with the decor as you enjoy the holiday festivities. Hit up Joint Delivery today to get some for your stocking and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for a special deal!

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