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Classic Blue Dream by Abatin - Takoma Wellness Center (DC Medical)

Strain: Blue Dream

​Dispensary: Takoma Wellness Center

Market: DC Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: Sativa Dominant

*A note from the editor: We're so excited to begin our series of reviews from local cannabis industry professionals with this wonderfully written post from Takoma Wellness Center Patient Consultant and University of Maryland Cannabis Science & Therapeutics Master's Degree student, Christian Xavier Calhoun. We hope you enjoy!


I think many of us may be able to think back to a time when as early Tokers, we looked at our peers in the middle of a session and asked them:

“Hey…did this hit you the same as me?”

As we watched our friends nod their heads uncoordinatedly in agreement, with carefree smirks and their cheekbones perched high, you could not help but wonder:

“What was this strain called again?”

You watch in anticipation as one of your friends digs into the same back jean pocket repeatedly, only to finally reach into their coat and grab a Ziploc bag holding the last nug. On it, written in black Sharpie, would be a name that you all would never forget, and still fills many with nostalgia and excitement to this day:

Blue Dream.”

Blue Dream from Abatin and currently available at Takoma Wellness Center dispensary in Washington DC is a fantastic phenotype of this old classic. The buds are dense and break down incredibly well. If you are someone who often uses their hands instead of a grinder, you will appreciate Abatin’s thorough curing process.


As dense as the buds were, they felt far from dry. Abatin expertly preserves the terpenes to a point where the moment you open the bag, it feels like your nose has entered an oceanic forest of pine trees. This essential oil known as pinene is something noticed slightly after the inhale, as it gently kisses the tongue and fills your cheeks with a pleasant and almost static-like sensation.

Blue Dream worked wonders at creating a blissful band of ease and keeping the mind from racing to unwanted territories. All the stress and anxiety of the day evaporated, and I could feel its Haze genetics gently easing tension around the temples.


Unlike many other Sativa hybrids, it was wonderful at alleviating pain and tension around my shoulders and back. There was a heavy comfort encircling problem areas, yet I felt motivated and present throughout the entire experience without any indica-like sedation.

This batch left me feeling light on my feet, and it was rounded enough to give me the option of switching between being focused or basking in its cloudy euphoria. It also seemed to make it easier to combat internal conflicts and find more peace in the environments around me.

To enjoy some of this Abatin Classic Blue Dream for yourself stop by Takoma Wellness Center ASAP and myself or one of my highly knowledgeable colleagues will be delighted to help you!


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