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Coochie Runtz - Flower Ave

Strain: Coochie Runtz

​Service: Flower Ave

Market: DC i-71

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

From the moment you open the pack these Coochie Runtz from DC i-71 cannabis delivery crew, Flower Ave, is quite intimidating. Its aroma is basically like the strongest Runtz you've ever set your nose upon and it's got such heavy trichomes you might start looking around to see if it's snowing.❄️



A shocking amount of trichomes cover these buds and their robustness is such that you can hardly find the stems on some of them. Under the avalanche of white there are hues of purple, violet, and olive green.


Still fresh but starting to cure.



A highly complex amalgamation of tangy fruit, gas, cream, and skunk with a side of pine. I hypothesize is that the "coochie" in the name comes from the incredible pungency of this pheno.


Awesome. The exhale, especially, is one to experience as a cannabis connoisseur. It's much like the aroma but it did that flavor spike of my taste buds where it feels like little pins of flavor are dancing on my cheeks and tongue. This is some immensely flavorful tree.



A brand new strain as of 2022, at least to the general public, this is Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato) crossed with an unknown strain.


I found my experience with the varietal to be very uplifting in head and body. It's almost like it makes you feel so good all around that you can't help but be up-beat. I felt a strong urge to dance and when I did there were excited, good-feeling tingles all throughout my extremities. This is a powerhouse, upbeat strain that's ready to party, but not focus on anything important.



For an incredible, connoisseur level experience in flavor and effects roll up some of this Coochie Runtz and get toking. This is true top-shelf bud from the talented bud curators over at Flower Ave. Hit them up today to get your hands on some of this batch before it's gone and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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