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Cotton Candy Haupia - Exotic Organics

If you're into finding and experiencing the latest creations from the land of exotic designer cannabis like me then allow me to submit for your consideration this Cotton Candy Haupia from DC recreational delivery service Exotic Organics. Named for the delectable coconut-based Hawaiian dessert often used atop wedding cakes, the Haupia strain is absolutely scrumptious itself. But, when you add this especially sugary cotton candy aspect to it, well, just call me a kid in a candy shop. 🍭 🤗


While the original Shopping Carts 415's Haupia strain is a cross of two of my favorite strains Lemon Cherry Gelato X Gelato 41, Cotton Candy Haupia is a collaboration between them and renowned designer cannabis cultivators, Mount Burnin Farms, that has some mystery to it's specific genetics. My guess is that they either had some Cotton Candy Kush on hand or they used an especially sugary sweet pheno of their Silky Gelato to make this one so mouthwateringly delicious.


Still supple and with a staggering amount of white trichomes blanketing it's purple and light green buds, this batch was grown to perfection. You can toke on her however you please, but my preference is to pull fat bong rips, the effect of which is to completely wrap your head in a buzz while inundating your every orifice with a comically sweet smoke.


The inhale is like you just ate 10 packs of smarties while the exhale makes you wonder how something so smooth and lollipop-like could make you choke up so much. In fact, the first time I hit it I was left discombobulated, tear in my eye, but still wanted to fist pump the air to celebrate it's awesomeness.


A balanced high that is potent enough to make anyone awkwardly (but enjoyably) stoned with just their usual dose, connoisseurs looking to add this one to the tip top of their collection should hit up Exotic Organics ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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