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Crystal Coma - Green Kings

Updated: Nov 6, 2019


Greetings fellow tokers! We're stoked to tell you about this rare sativa heavy hybrid, available as a gift from our friends at Green Kings ( She's just delightful and her name is Crystal Coma.

While her lineage is supposedly old school with Skunk #1 and Cheese ancestors, this one certainly packs a new school punch with 26%+ THC. No wonder it was a Cannabis Cup winner back in 2014 (LA edition).

This lovely looking flower is fluffy, on the plump side, and covered with what you might say gave her part of her namesake - crystalline trichomes. From the top of the jar, her nose is very cheesy at first, then combines with sweet and skunky undertones. This makes for an especially tasty joint. Like most skunky cheese, we found it also paired well with a dry red wine such as a cabernet.

When smoked, an initially strong euphoric buzz eventually transforms into a trance-like state of calm. For seasoned smokers this state isn't debilitating, but one of creative energy in a calm or focused way. There are many who have also spoken of this strain's beneficial effects for anxiety, pain, and PTSD sufferers.

This batch has particularly beefy colas. We recommend going for the biggest buds you can to get to the most mature calyxes. It's where you'll find this flower's most complex flavors and aromas.

We give Crystal Coma our sativa lover's seal of approval. If that sounds like you, we advise booking an appointment or scheduling a delivery with Green Kings ( right away so you check out Crystal Coma before she's gone!

Of course, Green Kings also has a wide variety of other outstanding gifts in the realm of flower, concentrate, and edibles. Keep an eye out for more reviews of their excellent offerings in the near future.


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