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*****Pink Lemonade***** - Green Kings

Welcome to our Weekend Centerfold, Pink Lemonade from Green Kings. This is a magnificent specimen worthy of our Top Shelf label (we don't hand it out to just anyone)! She's indica dominant (80/20) and comes from a cross of Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk with some other super secret genetics. This lady smells unbelievably citrusy, but with some spiciness too. In fact the aroma is much more like a gin and tonic with lime than a pink lemonade. Maybe a pink lemonade with vodka?

Flavor wise this batch is SOUR. Through vape it's almost an effervescent flavor. Through joint it's very earthy and sour. Mixing this with some gorilla cookies presented an amazing skunky sour flavor - highly recommended.

When it comes to effects, she's a powerful, high potency creation. What begins as euphoric energy slowly wanes creating a dreamy warm blanket-like feeling all around you. The eventual mindset that sets in is interestingly talkative, creative, and relaxing at the same time.

Looking at the structure of one of the main colas for this batch it's obvious that this was impeccably grown. The shear amount of trichomes in fuzzy, starry clusters makes you want to take numerous photos just to send to your friends. While there's definitely a hazy pink tinge on the outside, when you break her open the light purplish-pink center almost takes you by surprise. Perfectly cultivated and curated in my opinion.

Do yourself a favor and get over to Green Kings asap and add this must have to your collection before she's gone!


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