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Lemon Pound Cake - Green Kings

Check out this delicious batch of Lemon Pound Cake from the gentlemen over at Green Kings. We're not sure that this one is perfectly identified, but she's perfectly grown for sure. From a strain perspective it could be a cross of Lemon Cake with something else. It also closely identifies with some Nigerian Haze that I used to come across frequently. Either way, this is a sativa dominant hybrid with some amazingly complex flavor and powerful effects.

The aroma is very citrusy with notes of vanilla. In the vape the flavor is an effervescent lemon with bread-like aftertaste. When smoked the lemon is still apparent but the bread comes out more and there are fruity/piny notes. Such a flavorful varietal!

Her effects are initially euphoric, then energetic. This is a great strain for morning and daytime as it's much like shot of espresso given the energy provided. Focus and creativity

are also prominent so this isn't a chaotic sativa, it's more like a haze. I'm a big fan of hazes and, thus, a big fan of this batch.

There are those who say this strain has helped them with stress, depression, nausea, fatigue, and headaches.

There was certainly a sense of joy that came with the effects for me. I was inspired to write and I could definitely see artists enjoying this strain to find new ideas and inspirations. At night, you might have some trouble falling asleep with this one, so again...daytime people!

If you're into hazy sativa's, lemon flavor, or are looking to get your creative juices flowing, this is a great option. Check out Green Kings asap to add this lovely lady to your collection!


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