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Dark Star Chemdawg Tangie by Curio - ReLeaf Shop, Mt. Vernon (MD Medical)

Dark Star Chemdawg Tangie (or DSCT) by Maryland’s Curio, from ReLeaf Shop in Baltimore’s

Mt. Vernon area, is a ménage a trois between Dark Star (indica), Chemdawg (hybrid), and Tangie (sativa). With a THC percentage of 29% and high levels of myrcene (1.39%) and ocimene (.39%) in this terpene profile (total terps testing at 2.55%), the result is pure magic.


Aromatically robust and complex, Curio’s cultivators deliver a gorgeous flower, pungent and skunky with undertones of citrus thanks to her Tangie parentage. The leaves contain a myriad of colors as a result of tri-breeding such distinct strains; you’ll find a spectrum ranging from mint to deep green and rich purple, generously covered in glistening trichs and res-y, rusty hairs dispersed throughout.


DSCT buds are spongy to the touch and lean on the larger side, with mushroom-looking baby buds found within each cluster. She offers a head high that’ll make you feel like a kid who just inhaled helium from a birthday balloon for the first time.


An excellent daytime strain, you’ll find yourself giggling all by your lonesome and bewildered by everyday sights, even with something so routine as walking the dog or checking the mail. Go get yourself a bag of this rarity before it’s all grabbed up!


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