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Day Day - Flower Ave

Named for his character on the stoner favorite Next Friday movie, this Day Day strain was launched about a year ago (Oct 2021) by Mike Epps in collaboration with the Cookies brand. Currently available at DC recreational delivery service, Flower Ave, this cross of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Panties has been specifically selected and back crossed to create a phenotype with highly balanced effects and zero couch-lock. As the name implies, it's great for daytime use.


The buds in our sample were remarkably fat and covered with both starry and white trichomes. The aroma alone was enough to indicate the Cookies genetics in the lineage with hues of shortbread, sugar, and a skunky/savory finish. In a big joint the flavor had my mouth watering immediately and each time it came back to me in the rotation as well. Of course, as the cottonmouth settled in, the extra salivation turned out to helpful in keeping my lips, tongue, and the inside of my cheeks from glueing themselves together.


With THC levels averaging around 28%, the power of the strain itself shouldn't be second guessed and, remarkably, it is known for creating a feeling of levitation. This batch is certainly a prime example and idyllic specimen that has been grown to near perfection too, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was pushing even higher in terms of potency levels. In fact, its strength was making such an impression that after pulling a large tube and choking up a bit my colleague jokingly said, "See you Next Friday!" 😂🤤


To catch some relaxing euphoric vibes, get super baked without feeling sedated, and make every day feel like Friday, just hit up Flower Ave and grab some Day Day today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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