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Dessert Runtz - Green Light DC

A cross between Cookies & Cream and Runtz, this slightly indica leaning (60/40) batch of fire from DC i-71 storefront Green Light DC has a comfy cozy, but not too drowsy high. She also possesses a mouthwatering flavor profile that's eerily reminiscent of some classic Girl Scout Cookies strain.


More specifically, the nose is a cross between skunky and bready and these pass through to the flavor with the addition of a sweet caramel-like after taste. No wonder this has Dessert in the name, you might even begin to think there are tiny particles of sugary frosting coating her, and we say there might as well be - delicious!


Even though it's still quite sticky, we enjoyed rolling this up just slightly more than hitting it in the bong. This is because it seemed to present the smoothest and most flavorful in a paper while losing a touch of this joy when percolated through water. It also proved a very social smoke for an indica and communication skills were only hindered slightly by the potency of the buzz. Still, it's probably best to leave this one for the evening, where you should easily find a great night's rest with her euphoric effects in tow.


So head on over to DC storefront Green Light ASAP and grab some of these Dessert Runtz to serve as your own after dinner delight. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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Dewan Studdard
Dewan Studdard
Sep 18, 2022

Bought a gram of “moonrock“ and there was no bud jus shake and with brown goo around it and when you burned it all you could smell was butane. What a waste of time and mone.


James Claxton
James Claxton
Jul 01, 2022

Kool, I love all the strain

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