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Dosi Fire - Elevated Lounge

Check out this appropriately named Dosi Fire now available from DC recreational (i-71) storefront Elevated Lounge. By the way, not only are "Elevated" one of the best customer experiences around, they're also doing their part to help great causes and charities. For Pride Month they're supporting youth LGTBQ nonprofit group SMYAL. 🌈

Did you know that in Washington DC nearly 40% of homeless youth identify as LGTBQ? SMYAL is the largest LGTBQ youth housing provider in the DMV region. This is really important work and to help support their efforts right now you can add-on a $10 donation at Elevated Lounge and receive a 100mg gift. Learn more about SMYAL and the benevolent work they do at


While you're there definitely grab some of this Dosi Fire as well. A cross of Do-Si-Dos and Fire OG that runs indica heavy at roughly 70/30, this batch is the finest example of this rare and exotic strain that i've ever seen.


It's nose is sour, sweet, citrusy, and mint, with a hint of skunk. In flavor, however, there's a kushy, hashy, earthiness that if you think hard enough kind of resembles some extra crunchy peanut butter - that's gotta be the Dos-Si-Dos influence.


The consensus is that this one tokes best when ripped in the bong. Any way you partake, though, the smoke is smooth and the exhale can immediately take what seems like a load of rocks off your back. This is the rapid onset of its mellow and highly euphoric effects, and a testament to the staggering potency as well.


So head on over to DC storefront Elevated Lounge today and grab some of this Dosi Fire for your own collection. Don't forget your $10 donation to support SMYAL and for your 100mg gift. You can tell them Toker's Guide sent you for even more surprises!

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