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Durban Poison - The Gift Givers

Happy Hump Day! Need a little extra oomph to help get you through the rest of the week? Check out this incredible batch of mega potent Durban Poison from DC recreational delivery service, The Gift Givers. A full on sativa grown to the absolute maximum, this one might as well have "adrenaline" written on the outside of the pack.


Piney and sweet with a hint of tea, the aroma is quite addictive, but not as skunky or pungent as the kind that might alert everyone in your neighborhood to its presence. The flavor is similarly sweet and exotic, but slightly hashy, and translates well into some wonderfully smooth bong hits (ice in the ice-catcher recommended as well).

Clearly the result of an advanced hydroponic grow, we give props to the cultivators on this harvest. The insane amount of trichomes may be the most we've ever seen on a Durban cut and the bracts are fully mature. This is without mentioning the gorgeous coloration, replete with deep purples and blues. Totally a head turner if you're looking for something to impress your friends at show and tell (the adult kind - must be 21!) 🤩.


As soon as you exhale the rush to your head is palpable and trance inducing. Moments later a warm and tingly glow begins to pulsate as the buzz inundates your whole body. You may then feel like a million things have just become possible, or that your previously insurmountable to-do list is now as good as done. The creative, energetic mind-space is just one of the hallmarks of this great landrace sativa.


If you're not familiar with Durban Poison or sativa's in general you'll want to take it slow as it can lead to some pretty intense feelings if you go "one toke over the line". Nevertheless, there's a reason that legendary cannabis activist Ed Rosenthal brought it back to the United States from South Africa in the 1970's - and that's simply because it's awesome.


To grab some of this phenomenal Durban Poison just hit up DC delivery gurus The Gift Givers ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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