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El Chivo Dry Sift by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center (DC Medical)

If you got a chance to try the El Chivo flower from DC medical cultivators Alternative Solutions recently you undoubtedly noticed the simply awesome amount of fresh trichomes present upon them. Well, what if you could get a jar of just these trichomes for your own, shall we say, more concentrated needs? Now you can with this dry sift offering currently available at DC medical dispensary Takoma Wellness Center.

A method of creating cannabis concentrates that has been handed down since ancient times, dry sift hash is produced by running kief through a progressively finer set of screens to arrive at a highly refined finished product. This resulting hash has zero chemicals or water added and represents a very natural way to go about consuming nature's medicine.

This particular dry sift is of impeccable quality and has been sifted through the finest of screens. Its color is super blonde and greatly resembles sand from a tropical island paradise. Its aroma is very much like the originating flower form (which was quite hashy to begin with), but now there's a sweetness and something of an exotic skew to it - perhaps like what you might encounter perusing a Moroccan bazaar.

In effects, expect an intense rush to your head and an immediate impact on your eyes with what seems like a warm fuzzy glow behind them (and some squinting as well). Puffed in a flower vape with a concentrate "stone" it was pure lift off for me, followed by some immense euphoria that emanated in concentric waves. Also note that just a little goes a LONG way. There's a whole lot of bang for your buck here people!

To obtain some of this outstanding El Chivo dry sift hash for your own cannabis collection just head to DC medical marijuana dispensary Takoma Wellness Center today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

*Note: DC medical marijuana dispensaries require a medical card/recommendation, but there's reciprocity for all other states!


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