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An Evermore Live Resin Line-Up

In the market these days there's an over-abundance of information - and more often than not, misinformation - about the different types of cannabis oils. Lots of terminology is being thrown around with little to no explanation: full-spectrum, resin, rosin, distillate, nano, botanically-derived, etc. It can be really confusing, and sometimes down-right overwhelming, to the new cannabis consumer. 

For the sake of keeping things simple, this piece is about live resin. More specifically, it's about leading Maryland cannabis company, Evermore, and my favorites out of their amazing live resin options. But first, here's a bit more about what live resin is and why it matters.

Live resin is a viscous, yellow-colored oil that is extracted from fresh cannabis flower which has been immediately frozen after harvest to preserve trichomes. Live resin is considered a full-spectrum oil because the final product retains all of the plants natural terpenes and cannabinoids. 

I enjoy using edibles and vape carts that are specifically made with live resin, as opposed to a distillate, because I get the full profile of cannabis-derived flavors along with an entourage of minor cannabinoids. The amalgamation of all these cannabinoids and terpenes working in concert creates a more full-fledged high with a range of effects that depends on the dominance of various ones, or lack there of.

Have you ever hit a vape cartridge and suddenly started sneezing? You can thank botanical terpenes for that. Terpenes are in all plants, right? Well botanical terpenes are terpenes derived from plants other than cannabis, but are still - for all intents and purposes - considered to be natural. That’s how they’re able to get fun flavor combinations like lavender vanilla or hazelnut crème with distillate products. This also typically makes them the most affordable vape options on the market, but no where near the best.

On the regulatory front, due to the rigid MCA Regulations put into effect earlier this year, "loose" concentrates and high dose edibles have been limited to the medical market only. As a result, live resin vape carts are now one of the only ways adult-use, recreational consumers are able to access concentrates in Maryland making them an extremely hot commodity.

Of course, Evermore is on top of this trend and has stocked one of the most diverse arrays of live resin options available. Their team of extraction experts, widely recognized for their dedication to creating clean, flavor-forward live resin products, makes them the leader in this category across Maryland (and beyond) in my opinion.

Recently, I popped over to Evermore's flagship dispensary, The Living Room, in Pikesville to check out the live resin options currently available and was pleased to find something in almost every category on the menu. Here's a lineup of my favorites from all the one's that I tried:

Live Resin Gummy Edibles

Flavors: Strawberry & Tropical Tangerine

Method of Consumption: Oral

Notes: Available in both 10mg and 40mg (for medical only)

Strawberry was my favorite of the two!

Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Strain: Tropical Sunset Live Resin Cart 

Method of Consumption: Half-gram 510 Threaded Cartridge (battery sold separately)

Notes: 72% THC | 6%+ Terpenes

High in Myrcene & Caryophyllene | Relaxing, great body high and quite sedative!

"Loose" Live Resin Cake Badder

Strain: Limited Release Guava Mix #3 Live Resin Cake Badder

Method of Consumption: Dab

Notes: 80.1% THCA | 3.13% CBGA | 9% Total Terpenes

Gassy tropical fruit aroma, incredible flavor & affects!

*Medical Patients Only


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