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Ferrari Runtz - Tribal Leaf DC

Lineage: Ferrari OG x Runtz

Species: Hybrid (close to 50/50 - indica/sativa)

Smell: Piney lemon

Taste: Creamy piney

Appearance: Small pebble nugs that are white, light green and purple

“Good things come in small packages” has never rang truer than for this indica-weighted hybrid union of two absolute studs Ferarri OG and Runtz. Can we call buds studs, though? Hmmm. Since we have a car brand in the strain name, how about..."models" instead? While maintaining the bud structure typical of original Runtz "models" these smaller sized nugs hit fast and pack a serious punch. A worthy ode to the exotic sports car maker, check out these Ferrari Runtz from Tribal Leaf DC.

The second you take a whiff of this batch you will know you found something worth instagramming about. There's a strong coniferously fruity presence to the dense and tightly cropped buds of white and lime green. But you certainly can't miss the light-colored plum accents throughout as well. It's trichomes, as you can clearly see, are hyper-white and delightfully smattered everywhere to boot. I guess you could say this model is "top of the line"!

Under the hood (ok maybe that's taking the car analogy too far?), I was expecting a somewhat crushing smoke (not necessarily a bad thing) given the smell, but I was surprised by a mega smooth piney creaminess upon exhale. Pleasantly increased awareness and noticeable stress relieving effects were also immediately felt and remarkably strong. Our hypothesis: this is what the "Ferrari" part of the name can be most attributed to - the speed and strength of its onset.

While new to Toker's Guide, def. check these guys out (Tribal Leaf). I was impressed with their selection and the quality was certainly on point. The Ferrari Runtz are just one of several top-shelf designer choices and they're paying considerable attention to the freshness, quality, and (especially) aroma of their flower.

If you're looking for a phenomenally relaxing hybrid to help (very) quickly shake off the doldrums of this rainy wet day look no further! Give Tribal Leaf a shout, pick up a nice bag of fire, and tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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