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Four New Alt Sol Strains for Your Consideration (DC Medical)

Check out these four fire strains just harvested and now available at a DC medical dispensary near you. They're from our favorite craft DC medical cultivators Alternative Solutions (aka Alt Sol) and they are, in no particular order: Bruce Banner, Gummiez 20, Gelatti Mints, and El Chivo.

Bruce Banner

Just as pain or injustice could spark Bruce Banner's transition into the Incredible Hulk, so too could one spark applied to this Bruce Banner flower transition you into a more Hulk-like state. Though listed as 50/50, we think of it as more of a sativa lover's delight. It possesses a driving sense of energy combined with an innate ability to wrangle pain and crush anxiety like any super hero should.


A cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush you're a party to some amazing genetics every time you pick up some Alt Sol buds, and that is certainly the case here. From the coloration - flecks of dark aquamarine against pale lime - to the impeccable state of trichomes - fresh, twinkling everywhere - this bud has all the appearances of a finely crafted specimen.


From an olfactory and gustatory perspective, the theme of utmost quality continues as the blend of gassy, skunky, sour, fruity, and even notes of fresh ground coffee emanate from a bud crushed in your fingers. An ideal daytime toke for those looking to tackle a heavy to do list with clarity and vigor, I've been nearly able to leap talk buildings in a single bound with some Bruce Banner on board this week.

Gummiez 20

Another daytime toke, but with a stance that is a little less clear to me, is this Gummiez cut or Peach Rings x Jet Fuel Gelato. I really enjoy it's effervescent fruit forward aroma, but the flavor is a little off for me personally. It's still of the highest quality, and maybe you'll say it's just right for your palate, but I wasn't into it that much. I guess we'd probably select different jelly beans at the jelly bean store too, and that's ok.


Her effects, however, were very appealing. It was a gentle, haze-like high that spurred an active and creative mindset. A clear difference between the Gummiez and the Bruce Banner in my mind, was the effects of the mind. The Bruce was more physically driving while the Gummiez were much more mentally stimulating.


Note that mixing the Gummiez with the Bruce Banner seemed to be a big hit when we rolled them up together. Separately, I would pick the Banner over the Gummiez for my personal needs which include digestive issues, anxiety, and retaining the ability to perform complex tasks well.

Gellati Mints

My new Alt Sol favorite, and one of this squad of four, is this phenomenal Gellati Mints. It's a total gasoholic's dream with so much heavy skunky, creamy, funky flavor you might be confused as to whether you should make a "yum" or "ew" face at first. Seconds later, however, pure enjoyment reigns as you realize just how exotic these buds must be to have created such an immense flavor factory in your mouth. Don't worry, that's just the benefits of select genetics and expert craft cultivation coming together for DC patients.


A veritable who's who of balanced 50/50's, this is Gellati (Gelato x Biscotti - 50/50) crossed with Kush Mints (also 50/50), and also runs 50/50. While I agree with this stance, I found that I did get a little drowsy if I was to partake in her splendor in the morning. Therefore, I found myself rolling this up most frequently after lunch and as the day progressed.


Definitely try toking this one in as many different ways as you can just to experience all the nuances of her flavor profile. I eventually landed back with the trusty binger - I guess I just love a frosty cold hit of this gas the most (incredible head rush notwithstanding) from glass.

El Chivo

Described as a "powerful indica hybrid from California" this OGKB x Grape Gasoline is known as El Chivo or "The Goat" for good reason. Her intense indica euphoria and heavily sedating effects make it a great night time choice. However, you may find yourself taking midday weednaps after wanting to taste the mouthwatering flavor during daylight hours too.


We found the coloration and the enormity of the trichomes on the El Chivo to be super impressive and other more indica-prone people commented that it was one of their new favorites given their issues with neck pain and insomnia.


If you're looking for a new indica for your rotation and you're into fruit forward kushes this could become your G.O.A.T. too. 🐐

Overall, Alt Sol's overt commitment to quality and producing the finest end product for their consumers is supremely evident with all of these batches. With so many outstanding choices waiting for DC medical patients across the District, the only problem left is: How much should you get of each one?


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