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French Cookies #3 - District Firehouse

Don't call the fireman, but there's some fire in town! Better yet, just call District Firehouse and grab some of this fire for yourself. It goes by the name of French Cookies #3 and it's the stuff that Bruno Mars songs get written about - something like "it's such fire it's making dragons want to retire?"🔥🤔


A slightly sativa-heavy hybrid (60/40) this specimen should be the poster child for the strain. It's epically snickerdoodle-like (the actual cookie) with a sweet, nutty, and creamy aroma/flavor. The aroma itself is so delectable it makes you want to just leave your nose in the jar for a few minutes.


The sharp mental acuity that this strain affords is likely due to the influence of Durban Poison in the heredity. The Durban grandparent was bred with an outstanding cut of OG Kush to make Platinum Cookies, which was then bred with it's own ideally selected offspring in a "reverse cross". Reverse breeding like this is a technique that can directly create parental lines for any heterozygous plant. The resulting hybrids can be genetically stable and superior in size, growth, and yield to their parents due to a phenomenon called heterosis. In this case the offspring were likely superior in the aforementioned ways, but also in the presence of terpenes from the Durban ancestry.


Genetics only get you part of the way along the path to connoisseur-level indoor cannabis perfection at harvest time, though. An as yet unmentioned, but obvious, aspect of this batch is the level of care and expertise that went into its cultivation. With layers upon layers of fully mature trichomes, the perfect sticky/spongy/crisp structure, and an out-of-this-world all consuming high that makes you giddy like toking for the first time, this is truly an exquisite specimen. Needless to say the cultivators were of the highest order.


To get some of this absolutely fire French Cookies for yourself just hit up DC i-71 delivery experts and fellow cannabis connoisseurs District Firehouse ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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