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Fruit Leather "High Rollers" - One Lane Bridge

What's up, fellow Tokers and edible enthusiasts! I'm here with the culinary wizards from One Lane Bridge who have whipped up some highly delectable treats that you'll be seeing at DC I-71 vendors in the coming weeks. By the way, DC vendors, I highly recommend giving these guys some space on your menus. They are dedicated to the craft and practice great attention to detail, as well as the utmost professionalism. Currently, many of their products can be found at "All The Buzz DC" - a DC I-71 service that has been creating a lot of, well, buzz lately. We're hoping to review them soon!

In the meantime, back to these fruit roll-ups...

If you loved them when you were a kid - with their crazy stickiness and sugary, fruity hyper-drive energy by the dose - you might just love them even more now as an adult. It's all the same playful and tasty experience, except now, about 20 to 45 minutes later, you're going to get a little tap on your shoulder that says "prepare for lift off." Yes, the "high roller" part of this gift (I'm assuming) is due to their fairly strong nature.

At 50 to 60 milligrams each and made mostly from sugars and gelatin, these are quickly processed, shooting THC into your system at a rapid pace. But, this is actually quite a good delivery system for those to don't want to be weighted down by a cookie, brownie, cake, cake pop, etc. You stretch it, you pull it, maybe you twist it around your finger, but eventually you demolish the thing, and it practically dissolves in your mouth (watch out for some of the colorful residue - don't be like the gross kid from elementary school snack time with purple and red hands for the rest of the day).

Personally, I think these are great for things like hiking, camping, mountain bike rides, and outdoor activities in general. They don't get crushed, they don't spoil, they barely take up any room, and they're perfect for peeling off and (in a Covid-appropriate, sanitized way) sharing with friends.

Keep an eye out for these and many other fantastic One Bridge Lane gifts and products to come! In the meantime, please inquire with to find out more about how you can get your hands on some of these delicious micro-batch edible treats!

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