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Fruit Punch - Green Kings

Heads up fellow tokers! Another magnificent new addition to the Green Kings gift line-up is here and she's a super sativa heavy hybrid. Fruit Punch has been around DC in recent memory, but this batch is really well done. With Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights (obvious from the starry trichomes) heritage this one's got all the smell, taste, and potency you need for a great session.

Best to check Fruit Punch out in the day time. Newbies and those less experienced with the sativa side of the spectrum should go gently at first to help avoid any sativa shock. Be sure to put the energy and creativity afforded by this strain to good use. Calling all writers, artists, and musicians - this might be the eliminator of your creative block!

At first smell, you're hit with a wave of fresh fruit that is distinctly tropical in nature. No skunkyness in the nose or taste, just overtly sweet and tangy. You might say it's comparable to the flavor of a tropical rum punch. Yum!

A great deal of expert attention was clearly paid to the tending and cure of this crop. The freshness is palpable in every way, yet the texture is crisp and brittle. It's the kind of joint rolling situation where you have sticky, starry, delicious crumbles of goodness all over your fingers even though you used a grinder and tried not to touch anything but the paper. This is a GOOD problem to have my friends.

For me personally, this strain is a great help with stomach and digestive issues. Best of all, it doesn't lay me out - far from it actually. Others have said that it helps with energy levels and overall mood. We're giving this one our sativa stamp of approval without question.

If you're interested we recommend that you schedule an appointment or delivery with Green Kings as soon as possible!


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