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G-Spot - gLeaf (Maryland)

Updated: 2 days ago

G-Spot, cultivated by gLeaf in Maryland, is another even hybrid (50% indica and 50% sativa).

This strain is an orphan, with unknown parentage, although some experts say it was bred from different combinations of OG Kush varieties. It is the ideal high, stimulating and calming — she quite literally hits the “spot.”


I’d recommend this strain for the morning time, for creatives, or for anyone with general anxiety. Almost immediately after smoking, your mind opens itself to new plans, possibilities, and ideas.


You'll find that your thoughts and memories feel effervescent and tangible, without the couch lock sensation most fear with such a high myrcene content (1.36%). It will leave you engaged, focused, and mesmerized by the present.


The THC level in this batch is high, coming in at 30%. The nugs are shaped like plump grapes, dark green with thin orange hairs and small, honey colored trichomes. The bud has a taste that's earthy and piney, which may avert some, but the fruity flavors that follow make this walk through the woods well worth it!

To hit the G-Spot yourself grab your Maryland medical marijuana card and check out the gLeaf website to setup a pick-up or delivery today! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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