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Garcia Handpicked Florida Kush - Columbia Care (Chevy Chase, MD)

Recently an old friend of the devil was talking up the Rushmore of Cannabis and

kept going gaga over Garcia Hand Picked. Being a bargain hunter by nature, I

was skeptical of the premium price. But we only live once and who knows,

maybe this China Cat Sunflower is worth the hype.


Packaging for Garcia Hand Picked is significant. I was presented paper box with a fancy glass jar inside. The lid isn’t airtight. That makes for harsher smoke and faster degradation. Moving this product to an airtight container is the way to turn on your lovelight for your box of rain.


The flower has a proper cure. The buds are stout and firm with hints of pine, citrus and pepper. Though the packaging says Indica there’s just enough pinene to add a little fluff to this tantalizing bouquet of scarlet begonias.

The flower was less pungent than expected especially for the diverse and robust terpene profile. The buds broke apart and stuck to each other like a daydream. The smoke was smooth and pleasant with hints of citrus, pine and pepper.


The buzz starts out somewhat clear headed, but soon it slips into deep thought capability with the beginnings of perma-grin. Euphoric feelings grow quickly as relaxation increases quickly. After my usual session, I find myself waffling between the desire to clean my house or truly understand what is like to be a newly hatched duck billed platypus. Either way, this is indeed a magnificently smooth smoke with great buzz and favor.

The platypus won. 😂 🤓

Florida Kush would make a wonderful addition to any routine! To get yours hit up Columbia Care Chevy Chase today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


Aug 03, 2022

One of my Favorites!! My alien loves it too :-)


Um fuck all that packaging waste and it is definitely not cured properly. Garcia is just a brand name owned by the holistic industry license. Nothing out of their ware house is "cured" longer than 15 days. If you want to keep influencing the market as whatever kind of experts you think you are, could you please at least tell us how you define a good cure.

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