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Gary Payton - Elevated Lounge

We've reviewed Gary Payton before, but it wasn't like this absolutely phenomenal batch from DC i-71 storefront Elevated Lounge. If you've been wondering what the buzz is all about, THIS is the batch to try.


Running 50/50 on the indica/sativa scale and representing Berner's Cookies' brand genetics, Gary Payton Cookies is a cross of The Y and Snowman strains that will surely delight the most refined toker. The palate alone is the epitome of "za-za" with its overt gassy, yet savory-sweet nose and flavor.


Pull it thick in your tube and you'll be making little squeaking noises as you try to hold the delectable smoke in your lungs longer. On the exhale the rush to your head, through your body, and to every extremity, is palpable and may even bring a tear (of joy) to your eye.


As you can tell we're super pumped about this fresh batch of Gary Payton. To get some for yourself, and brighten your whole weekend in a gleefully relaxed way, just head over to Elevated Lounge ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

PS: We hear they're putting more on the shelf as soon as this review goes out so there should be plenty still available 🙌

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