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Gary Payton - Kali Kraves

One of the best batches of Gary Payton Cookies I've ever seen, you can find her right now at DC recreational delivery service, Kali Kraves. With oversized features, hyper-white and starry trichomes galore, and a squishy texture that tells you it's fresh from the farm, you're gonna wanna give this one a try. I don't know if it's too old fashioned to mention but given the quality of it and the player for which it is named I gotta say, this weed is...BALLER! 🏀


In aroma and flavor there are super fruity notes with sugary, cake-like undertones. It's quite like a blueberry muffin and it literally makes my mouth water every time I open the jar I put it in. Oh and I def had to put it in a jar by itself, that is if I didn't want everything else in my stash to take on some form of its intense smell. Not a problem, just something to note - you're going to want to store this one properly!


A highly balanced cultivar that's a cross of strains The Y and Snowman, you can burn this nearly any time of day and it will bring a twinkle to your eye and a smirk to your smile. With its uber euphoric, feel good effects you might think it has more indica influence, but the lack of any drowsiness supports the balanced, near 50/50 stance.


With the proliferation of Cookies family genetics across the country, the reputation of some of their strains has been somewhat diminished given the range of quality that people have seen with the name attached. Let this batch demonstrate that, when grown at or near the highest level, this and other Cookies' creations can end up being some of the best fire around.


To grab some of this phenomenal Gary Payton for your own coffers just hit up Kali Kraves ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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