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Gas-Chata - The Gift Givers

DC recreational delivery service The Gift Givers has brought some exotic fire once again with this Gas-Chata cut. Its coloration is almost hard to believe with true blue hues and shades of aquamarine all heavily covered in spectacular trichomes and fiery orange hairs. If you're looking for rare and exotic cannabis flower this is it.


With a name like Gas-Chata you just know it was some highly-skilled breeder out there who specifically designed this to meet a certain flavor and effect combination. Yes, this is truly "designer" with the inputs being sugary sweet and creamy Horchata crossed with Grape Gasoline - both 50/50 hybrids. The result is a mouthwatering, fruit forward and gas-heavy blast of flavor with every hit along with a balanced but mesmerizing high.


In aroma, though, it's a bit more subtle and equates to something like herbal tea with a splash of raspberry. We definitely recommend this one in the bong as it can lead to some immense head rushes and bleary-eyed stoney sessions you may not get from the joint. If it's the exquisite flavor experience you're after, however, go with the joint as some of the nuances are lost in the binger.


To get your hands on some Gas-Chata just holler at The Gift Givers and setup your delivery appointment today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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