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Gelato 41 - Cannabear DC

Gelato is a cannabis strain whose name is exponentially familiar to the modern generation and which ranks among the world's most elite. DC recreational cannabis delivery service, Cannabear, is currently bringing to bear a variety of Gelato that goes by the call number 41 and has a striking aroma full of pine, skunk, and berry notes. It also runs just slightly sativa can can spawn creative potential and an energetic mind with its immense heady high.


The bud I received was clearly an immense and dense top cola from a powerful plant. As a grower and humble connoisseur, I have come to appreciate and understand what having a top cola means and looks like. This palm length spear of deep forest green leafed and orange haired wonderment was covered in a layer of sugary trichomes that were super sticky and resinous.

As I broke the bud up into my grinder, and my fingers began to release the interior purple flowers that lay within the outer green layer, I began to smell what my olfactory senses perceived to be a pastry of some sort. When I unscrewed my grinder to expose the fluffy spliff making material I was looking for, I was blasted in the face with an even fruiter, tangy aroma with chocolate hues.


All this face inundating flavor can be attributed to the lineage of Gelato 41. A cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert the smell and taste are exactly what you would expect from a combo of these names. Two of the primary terpenes responsible for the delectableness of this fine herb are humulene and linalool. This commonly occurring pair have also been associated with pain relief, anti-inflammation, and stress/anxiety reduction.


If there was one word that I would use to describe the overall feeling that this batch afforded me it would be “euphoria “. It most certainly was a stress relieving experience for me, and I would highly recommend this cannabis to anyone needing to take a load off in the middle of the day while maintaining energy levels. This isn’t one that will have you knocked out after the joint has been finished. Instead, this is more rejuvenating in its spirited, cerebral affect.

Don't be surprised if you grab some of this Gelato 41 from Cannabear and, upon smoking it, immediately contact again to find out if they still have more in stock. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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