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Gelato 41 - The Gift Givers

When I embarked on my usual morning stroll with our new puppy in tow earlier, I toted along with me a magnificent hand-rolled mood elevator I like to call a dogwalker. "Dogwalkers" are little joints designed to last just long enough for your dog to handle his business and you to handle yours. Well, on this particular morning, the dogwalker I rolled was of this Gelato 41 from DC recreational delivery crew The Gift Givers and would have been suitable for taking a Great Dane on a 7-mile trek. 😂


Upon arrival, I knew from appearances and aroma that the two large multi-spear tipped nuggets within the sample pack would be quite powerful. The gassy, earthy aroma had tangy citrus and minty fragrances as well. The deep dark buds grind into a rather regal appearing purple blend that contrasts with the lightness of my new pack of jumbo rolling papers, and is almost photogenic in how delightful it looks before you roll it up. The trichomes could be seen throughout the freshly ground material, and it was easy to see why this strain routinely tests well over 20% THC.


Once I sparked it the flavor came pouring through. I noticed a minty-ness and sour notes, especially in the aftertaste, and this flavor profile was consistent throughout the smoke session, or walk as the case may be. Of course, given the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet in the lineage, the deliciously complex flavor should come as no surprise.


Super relaxed, stoney, and still eager to keep meandering, both on my walk and in my head, me and the little pooch kept going long after the dogwalker had run its course. It was a warm and fuzzy euphoria combined with a very active and meditative headspace that made the entire experience delightful. Maybe morning walks with the dog aren't supposed to last 2 and a half hours, but mine did, and I came back to the house feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day all thanks to this slightly sativa-dominant hybrid.

To roll some highly potent dogwalkers for your own morning voyages just hit up The Gift Givers today and grab some of their fine Gelato 41. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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Best quality place to shop! Gelato 41 by far my favorite


Great quality, best prices in dc and fast delivery !


Oct 15, 2022

Best service in DC

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