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Gelato Sugar Diamonds - All American Papers

Flaky, shimmery, and super blonde in color, these sugar diamonds from DC i-71 storefront and delivery team, All American Papers, are ready for all you dabbers and bowl-toppers out there. With an aroma that is a fresh, piney, and creamy version of what you might waft into your nose from the best jar of Gelato flower ever, it's the kind of thing that will instantly make your salivary glands go berserk. 五中


Mostly balanced in effects, but hard to tell because I've been so elated with excitement over its quality, I'm a fan of the long lasting body buzz and totally inundating euphoria this Gelato concentrate brings to bear. Pro-tip: if you roll a joint with some of this in the middle it makes for an exquisite taste and will certainly make it go further (or just get you super baked). Plus, in that case, there's no need for a torch or dab rig, which always seems to cause a little less shock from any nearby onlookers.


To take a peek at these mega delectable Gelato sugar diamonds and grab some for yourself, just head over to one of the many convenient All American Papers locations in DC today. Or, hit them up and catch a delivery real quick. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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