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Grapelato - The Garden DC

What do you get when you combine two rich, tasty indica-leaning hybrids? If you’re starting from Grape Kush and Gelato, the answer is: Grapelato! I recently got to try a sample of this fresh, fruity bud from The Garden, a recreational storefront in DC’s Shaw neighborhood offering I-71 compliant gifts, and it ended up being the perfect accompaniment to a small journey I went on over the weekend.


In fact, I enjoyed my Grapelato on a bright and sunny Sunday morning before heading back home from a wedding I attended the night before. Opening up my bag and inhaling, I noticed a rich tapestry of scents. The most notable ones I picked up were citrus and pine, but not much grape, frankly. Not a bad thing, just unexpected from a strain with "grape" in the name.

When I handed the sample to my friend Melanie, her face lit up. “It smells wonderful! I could hang this up in my car as an air freshener. It reminds me of how my grandparents would smell when they came home from camping. You know, like a vacation in Vermont or New Hampshire.” After grinding up the buds and taking another smell, Melanie thought for a moment before declaring, “Pomegranate. This weed smells like pomegranate. Or a freshly fallen pinecone, cracked open.”


Melanie doesn’t smoke, but she enjoys the bouquet of fine cannabis. So as she pulled us on to the highway, I settled into the passenger seat and enjoyed the heavy, relaxed stone Grapelato brought on. Maybe I was just tired from a long night of partying, but I felt like I was absolutely melting into my seat. The effects were that of a classic indica high (60/40 indica dominant hybrid to be precise) - totally relaxed, cares melting away, and perfectly content staring out the window listening to music as the bucolic rural scenery rolled by.

The pine and pomegranate scents translate into a similar taste; fruity, with a bit of earthiness and spice. This strain is lovely to look at as well, with bright greens, dense white trichomes, lots of orange pistils, and the occasional flash of purple putting the “grape” in Grapelato.


If you think Grapelato sounds like the right thing to help you relax and unwind, you can pick up a sample for yourself at The Garden in Shaw (1541 New Jersey Ave NW). You can also feel extra good about shopping there too given their support for a number of organizations making a positive impact in the DC community. Stop in to ask them all about it and don’t forget to mention Toker’s Guide sent you!

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