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Half Baked Cherries - Cheeba DC

Presumably designed to take after the couch from the movie Half Baked, check out the pack art on this designer sample from DC recreational storefront Cheeba DC. The rare and exotic contents within is called Half Baked Cherries and it's got a loud citrusy aroma that, when you break it up, becomes deliciously tart and much like black cherries.🍒


In flavor, there are bready, skunky notes mixed with the tart citrusy aspects. To get the purest sense for your palate definitely check this one out in your flower vape. If I had to guess from flavor alone, and I don't have much else to go on given the mystery and tightly held genetics of this batch, this seems to have some Tropicanna or Tangie in its lineage. Other guesses as to the inputs would be Cherry Pie or Cherry Fritter and Zkittlez.


Aside from the stupendous aroma and flavor, the effects of this highly potent specimen are not to be overlooked. I'd say it's likely an indica-heavy hybrid that runs around 70/30. There are slightly energetic cerebral aspects at first, but it quickly dissolves into a stoney, disoriented full-body buzz with a heightened desire for relaxation.


Of course, this makes perfect sense when you factor in that it came in a bag shaped like a couch - and not just any couch, but one where the Dude On The Couch spent several months (or was it a year?). I think it's safe to say couch lock is an implied risk here.


Luckily you don't need Mr. Nice Guy's delivery service, or to knock off a secret government cannabis lab for that matter, to get your hands on these super exotic and irrefutably potent Half Baked Cherries. Instead, just head to Cheeba DC ASAP and pick up a "sofa pack" for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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